5 Best Solitaire Freecell Tips and Tricks


If you are new to Solitaire Freecell or you always lose in Solitaire Freecell, here are some of the best Solitaire Freecell Tips for you.

Solitaire Freecell was created by Paul Alfille. This game offers the best winning chances out of all the solitaire games. With proper planning, players can almost absolutely win every Freecell Games which makes Freecell games much more relaxing and enjoyable. Other solitaire games such as Klondike rely heavily on luck. Below are some of the best tips and tricks to help you win almost any Solitaire Freecell games:

Solitaire Freecell Tips #1: Know the Rules

Like many games, to win Solitaire Freecell, you will need to have proper understanding of the Rules of Solitaire Freecell. All cards are randomly dealt face-up divided into the 8 columns (tableau). The main objectives of solitaire freecell is to complete the foundation piles from Ace to King. Players need to arrange the cards in alternate colors in the tableau and using the 4 empty slots at the top left to complete foundation piles.

Solitaire Freecell Tips #2: Examine the Tableau

Before you move any cards in the tableau, it is best to study and analyze the cards carefully first. Find out the troublesome regions, such as Aces and low cards that are hidden beneath the tableau. Make a plan to move out those Aces and low cards so that the game can flow smoothly thereafter.

Solitaire Freecell Tips #3: Free the Aces as soon as possible

Once you locate the Aces, try to free the Aces as quickly as possible. If Aces are blocked it will be harder to complete the game. Examine the tableau one-by-one carefully to find out the best move to free the Aces.

Solitaire Freecell Tips #4: Create a blank Tableau column as soon as possible

Having blank columns are better than Free Cells(4 slots top left corner). You can move a full series of cards into these columns. Players can fill these columns with a descending series of cards, arranged in alternating colors, starting with a King and ending with an Ace.

Solitaire Freecell Tips #5: Keep the Free Cells Empty

The 4 empty slots at the top left are known as Free Cells. These 4 slots aid in your movement.Once the 4 slots are fulled and you are out of move in the tableau, you lose the game. So, try to make the the Free Cells are empty so that you can still move the cards around.

That’s all for the Solitaire Freecell Tips and Tricks. To win the games, all you need to do is practice more and study the tableau carefully with every steps. Have fun and enjoy. Click here to Start playing Solitaire Freecell Now!

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