Top 5 Tips for Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire also known as Solitaire Classic or simply Solitaire is one of the best known solitaire games in the world. But, very different from Solitaire Freecell, Klondike Solitaire is not easy to win, most the game is unsolvable and winning the game require some luck.

Top 5 Tips for Klondike Solitaire
Top 5 Tips for Klondike Solitaire

Here we have Top 5 tips for Klondike Solitaire, to help you increase your chance of winning, let’s check it out:

Tips for Klondike Solitaire #1: Flip the 1st card

At the beginning of the game, the first thing to do is to flip the 1st card from the deck. By doing this, it expands our initial view of the overall tableau, which gives us a clearer idea of what actions or moves to be taken.

Tips for Klondike Solitaire #2: Always move Aces or Deuces to foundation

Always move Aces or a Deuces to the foundation. This clears out the tableau and gives players clearer view of the overall cards to make wise decision as to which cards to be moved.

Tips for Klondike Solitaire #3: Reveal Buried Cards in the column with greatest number of hidden cards

Choosing to reveal cards between different columns, it is better to choose the column with the greatest number of hidden cards. This way increases your chance of clearing multiple cards after the cards are revealed.

Tips for Klondike Solitaire #4: Reduce Unimportant Moves

The best move is the one that gives you the higher chance to make more movements and increases the chance to reveal more buried cards.

Tips for Klondike Solitaire #5: Don’t Empty a tableau without King to put in

An empty column in tableau can only be filled by a King. Do not empty the tableau if you do not have a King to put in, or else it will be a wasted move. If you have to choose between black King or red King to fill a space, choose wisely. For example, if there is a red Jack that blocks some hidden cards, it is best to choose red King to fill the space and then wait for a black Queen to appear.

That’s all the tips and tricks for Klondike Solitaire. Have fun and enjoy the game. Click here to Start Playing Klondike Solitaire Now!

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